Oil syndicate

24 February 2018

We now have 39 households in the syndicate and our rebate from Rix this year was £170.

We put any rebate into the village community. This has included funds towards the church path, more plots in the Community gardens, and a contribution towards mowing the churchyard.

The advantages of buying our heating oil as a group include,

  • Cheaper prices, as we benefit from bulk buying.
  • Fewer HGV’s on our roads, and reduced carbon footprint.
  • A contribution towards the local community.

Rix rings us four times a year and delivers in January, April, July and October. There is no obligation to buy but the minimum  order is 500 litres.

So thank you to those who are already members, and if you would like to join, just ring Rix on 01953 457057 and ask to be put onto the Badingham Syndicate.

Alternatively, please contact Janet Barwell for more infomation,

01728 638089
Email Janet Barwell

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