Annual Report, 2011

By Tanya Newton

Enterprise Badingham “so far” report for 2011 ........

Our first meeting was in March this year and it is a great pleasure to list below how things have gone, what is happening now and plans for 2012.

Over the last seven months a variety of activities have been requested and suggested. These are as follows,

Community Market

Our first market was in September and exceeded expectations. It is estimated that well over one hundred and fifty attended. It may have been more as people left and others came. Most were from the parish but many passers-by saw the posters and stopped to see the stalls and buy.

Success was such that several stalls ran out of supplies before the end of the morning. All included produce or services from the parish. Particularly popular among the children were the two presses producing apple juice.

Our thanks go to all those who prepared the site and worked on the stalls, and to those who kindly supplied equipment, tables, awnings, the two apple presses and so on. Thanks naturally also to Sue and Gary of the White Horse for the site and providing a barbeque.

Here are some pictures.

In 2012 we hope to have more markets all with local products, produce and services. Please keep an eye out on the Badingham website and in The Echo for dates of next markets.

If you wish to get involved or have a stall please contact David Price.

Community Gardens

Preparations are well in progress, and the necessary agreement between the Parochial Parish Council and Enterprise Badingham is being drafted. Specifications for the gardens are also being arranged, and various local people are to be approached in relation to the works needed. If you wish to have a small growing plot in the garden please contact Tanya Newton or Janet Barwell.

Bring and Buy Books

This has been well supported and a good selection of books keeps appearing. Money from sales has been contributed to the church maintenance fund. Thank you to all.

We hope to continue this into 2012. We would like someone to help keep the books tidy and well stocked. If you are keen to help, please contact Tanya Newton.


We are delighted to have received a grant of £1,000 from the Community Environmental Action Fund . A cheque was presented to our secretary Tanya Newton by Dan Wheals at the October committee meeting. The money is mostly ringed for establishing the Community Market to become a regular activity for Badingham. It will also be used to develop an online shop.

Online Shop

Some may have seen at the market the SUMA  online shop. This is something a few people have joined this year but it is hoped others will join next year. We are in the process of setting up an ordering system about which, when ready, we will be giving more details.

Oil Syndicate

The oil company Rix  offers syndicate buying within a village. To date fifteen households have signed up.

A percentage of oil sales will be returned to the village annually in the form of a cheque. This money will be used to benefit our village community in some way. Please do join up. There are benefits in keeping the price down and in fewer oil tankers on our lanes.

If you are interested Janet Barwell would be happy to explain more and help you get signed up.

Verge Conservation

Our village verges offer homes to a variety of wild flowers and insects. Some of these verges have now been designated conservation places and will be managed to enhance the habitat for these wildflowers and insects. This has been activated by one of our group members Janet Barwell and we hope you will all appreciate the benefits this will give to our environment.

ARTS Group

This is an exciting new idea which is in its embryo stage but if you are keen to engage in the ARTS please do contact Caroline Meigh for further information.

Finally, none of the above would have happened without villagers getting involved and joining in. Together we have achieved plenty. We hope next year to continue enjoying these lovely community activities, alongside all the other great groups and activities our village already offers, and to build on these. Please do contact any of the committee to get involved. Give us ideas, come along and support our village and each other.

All villagers and village groups are welcome to get involved in as much or as little as they wish. Enterprise Badingham is here to initiate ideas and bring them into action.

Again, thank you.

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