Badingham Bees

Welcome to all who would like to take an interest in the Community Bee project.

We have received funding from the Community Environmental Action Fund at Groundwork East of England to establish a village apiary.

We felt that as bees play such a vital role in our food production and environment we would like to encourage a healthy population of bees in our area. It will enable us to learn more about their role and how environmental changes are affecting our local wildlife.

We have an empty hive ready for a colony and are hoping to obtain a swarm or donated colony.

The project is being lead by Mik Bedson, 01728 638747, and Tanya Newton, 01728 638894. Any villagers wanting to learn more or take part in bee keeping are most welcome.

Photographs and more information will follow soon. Meanwhile, please do contact Mik or Tanya to get involved or help in any way.