Beekeeping Club

The BBC (Badingham Beekeeping Club) is run as a cooperative enterprise where all members benefit from their endeavours.

We received funding from the Community Environmental Action Fund at Groundwork East of England to establish a village apiary.

We felt that as bees play such a vital role in our food production and environment we would like to encourage a healthy population of bees in our area. It enables us to learn more about their role and how environmental changes are affecting our local wildlife.

Future events wll include 'hands on' activities as a means of developing beekeeping knowledge. There will be presentations and talks by experienced beekeepers. Other beekeeping communities have agreed to mentor our members in order to increase our knowledge base.

We are looking for new members who wish to be proactive in beekeeping as well as members who do not wish to be involved with the bee management, but wish to be involved with the output from the hives. This includes candle making, producing bee wax products as well as spinning and preparing the honey for marketing.

So, if you wish to get involved with the fascinating and rewarding hobby of bees, please contact us now.