Good Luck to The White Horse

............... from Badingham Bowls Club

It is more than a year since The White Horse at Badingham closed and was offered for sale by Adnams.

The passing months of 2013 had seen the building and its grounds become dilapidated , apparently unloved and uncared for. A depressing scene, not least for the Badingham Bowls Club whose home was part of the property offered for sale. The future in 2014 was very uncertain indeed!

After months of rumour, most of it inaccurate, the early part of 2014 began to show some reason for optimism - the pub had been sold.

Well, anyone with half an eye open will have spotted a great deal of work going on in recent weeks, as Mark and Lisa, the new landlords, have set about adapting the building and grounds to prepare for a new chapter in the pub's history.

It has become clear that local folk will get an early 'favoured-local' invitation before the official opening on Saturday 3 May. Passports may be checked!

It has been a very long time since an event in Badingham has been anticipated with so much enthusiasm, goodwill and optimism.

Information about events, the food and drink, opening times and much more will soon be available on this site. Keep coming back here for the latest information. It is understood that the pub’s own website is also nearing completion.

So, good luck to Mark and Lisa, the Badingham Bowls Club wishes you every success!

By Peter Archard on April 2nd, 2014