Badingham Shop & Cafe, Veg and Fruit Juicing

Date: 7 February 2017
Time: 09:30
- 11:00
Location: The Carter's Lodge, below The Carter's Loft, Low Street, IP13 8JX

We’re delighted to introduce the first of what we hope will be a series of events and activities in the Shop.

This is a 'come and try' event, 'Veg and Fruit Juicing for Beginners', with the chance to make your own fruit and vegetable juices.    

Booking is required and the cost is £5.

Please bring your own veg peeler, chopping knife, apron and juice container.

Please be at the shop at 09:30. The session lasts until opening at 11:00. 

It promises to be lots of fun with samples to try and taste throughout the normal shop hours, so stay as long as you like!

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